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We’ll leave the million plot to the brothers of our late friend Salvatore Colasberna. Martino the bishop’s nephew expected some too Game I don’t want to ruin the bishop’s nephew! The plot for million is for the Colasberna brothers. There’s nothing better to help forget the dead Game than economic difficulties. They’ll lose everything they have. They’ll be inspected every day with routine checks and then Game Game occasionally, some little accidents as well Game As for Martino, I’ll give him a waste disposal contract. Refuse has good returns. No offence, but his Excellency had already promised that contract to my cousin. His Excellency can’t promise anything. He can only handle his affairs Game Game because I take care of things here. And he handles Rome. I agree Ok Ok with me also Me too Hey, it’s lively out there Game Look how the captain’s trying to do his best. They’ve arrested someone. Geraci, Cinisi, Passatempo Game And Zecchinetta! Zecchinetta? Yeah Game And who’s that one? Parineddu. What happened? He said they were playing zecchinetta (cards). Where? At Parineddu’s house. You can tell His Excellency, that it isn’t good to have a gungho captain like him here. Saro, bring up some ice cream. Ignazio! Five ice creams! Look at that Game greeting each other Game My respects Game my respects Game and here they are still, these big shots, they’re not going anywhere. Perhaps they’re wondering if I’ve arrested those guys for gambling or for something else. We need to let them know. Captain, do you plan to let those we arrested walk free? Absolutely! And Parineddu, right? Sure, and him too, otherwise he’s done for. Shall we let them go then? Not right away, later. All Game except for one. They play (cards) every day, and the carabinieri never came before. But it’s the first time they played at Parineddu’s house. That’s true. Never played there before Game So, Zecchinetta goes to play at Parineddu’s house Game and then the cops arrive Game The captain’s watching us Game with binoculars.