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Play Online Ninjago Legend in Game of war Free Games

And you can’t agree to my one request? Today l realize, how selfish you are! You only think of yourself! Only yourself! You don’t care for me! Had my parents been alive, they’d have understood my feelings! They’d have let me go, they wouldn’t have stopped me! l wish your parents were alive. l wish! l’m sorry, Grandma. See these stars, Krishna. .with these infinite twinkling stars in the sky. .you, yourfather, your grandfather. .and l share a very deep relationship. Your grandfather was a space scientist One night, he started receiving a reply to a signal he had sent to outer space Suddenly, we saw a flying saucer in the sky. .the car swerved out of control l survived the accident. .but your grandfather. l was pregnant with Rohit at that time. .he had sustained a head injury in the accident. .because of which he was born abnormal. .even when he grew up, he had the l.Q. of a child. One night, in our small town, a huge spaceship descended. Some Aliens emerged from it. .but one could not go back. And that is how Rohit met Jadoo.