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Cause you’re about years too late. What? Nicky. That house isn’t the only way to find out about your father or anyone else. Hey. That’s weird. EVE OFFSCREEN Yeah, like “Texas Chainsaw” weird. Aughhh! Look out! BRAKES SCREECHING Hey. You all right? Hey. Yeah. You guys all right? You came out of nowhere, man. SAM OFFSCREEN Sorry. CHRIS OFFSCREEN You OK? You OK? That was close. Is everybody all right? Yeah. CHRIS OFFSCREEN I am so sorry. We haven’t seen any other cars out here all day. I’m Chris. I’m Sam. That’s Lillith. Hello. That your van? Yeah, PLS. Public Land and Survey? We’re out here mapping the valley for the state. Yeah, what are you doing out here? Well, we were looking for a house, till we found out that it got washed down a ridge. Wormwood? House that washed into the valley during the flood? Yeah. You guys think you know something about that? Yeah, if you believe in urban myths. CHRIS OFFSCREEN This is Wormwood, huh? Sam? Yeah, boss? What she said. We should just keep one foot in reality here. Any house, even if it survived being ripped off its foundation, would break into kindling, crashing through trees. Well, look, if there’s any part of it around here, like a Game a floorboard or a roof shingle Game anything Game I’d like to see it. Um, I’m telling you, it’s an urban myth. Get in your car. Follow me. Hey, wait, wait, wait. Aagghh! Mmph! THUD Nicky, Nicky. Is he OK? Yes, he’s OK. He’s OK. He just Game he gets dizzy spells when he thinks too fast. Nick? Look at me. How about you get back in the car and sit down, OK? What do you mean? It’s a long shot, but we mapped something a few days ago that I think you need to see. This is the old highway where the flood took it out. See this path through the forest? Something big definitely came through here. LILLITH OFFSCREEN Yeah, it’s called a flood. No. Look at the sway of these trees. It’s way above the flood line. Come on, Chris, there’s ravines like this throughout the county. Thanks, Sam. But on this team, I’m the arboriculturalist.