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But your dad was a hunter, wasn’t he? Why do you shoot the animals? Isn’t that a pity? They have lives, too. They’re just trying to live. For once, off games What? Yes, Numan? Which pipe? The one at the back? Okay. Alright, I’m coming. Hey man, you’re late. Give me a cigarette. Everyone has their own troubles in this life, . And this is mine. that, I can’t die. You think this is a good thing, don’t you? That’s what they all think. But ask me. You know the worst thing about it? You have no fear of anybody, anything. You lose the sense of shame. Right and wrong, and everything gets all confused. If you knew what these ers believed in a hundred years ago, games you’d have a good laugh. I do. I’ll know what they will believe in a hundred years, too. I know every single thing, . Knowing everything is the same as knowing nothing. You feel all dead and empty. That’s why you shouldn’t dig too deep into things. There is no way a mere mortal can solve the problems of this world. Now tell me, what made you so upset? Yasemin games Yasemin? I swear l have nothing to do with her, . Granted, Yasemin is a beautiful gal. And I’d be lying if I told you I never had any thoughts about her. I did think of ing Yasemin. It did cross my mind. I really wanted to, but I didn’t have the time. I have nothing to do with it, . I didn’t do it. I swear, I didn’t. Everyone has the right to lie once in life, but I’m not lying to you now. But Yasemin is a good girl. Be fair to her, she’s a very good girl. You couldn’t get yourself forgiven? I guess the book didn’t work for you. Take it back. Maybe it will work for someone else. I knew it. What? That you’d come back. How? Don’t ask how. You’d come back, and we’d hang out. I knew that. Everyone knows. Everyone knows? Everyone knows what? I’m so confused, I can’t understand you. Don’t worry, I’m saying good things. What’s happening? You’re falling in love. What? Come on, take me somewhere. I stay here with my grandmother. In fact I’m studying in İzmir. Literature and stuff. I got bored of it, ran out of money and so on.