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business district is still empty after dark, and businesses continue to hurt. In related news, Senator Marlene Brockhurst was today widely criticized game –. I’ve just been pulled over by the cops. Shit. Going a bit fast there, weren’t you, sir? Got your license? Don’t go anywhere. I think it’s over. That was on the back seat underneath the jacket. This can’t be happening. I’m not done yet. You OK down there? Do you need backup? Negative. I’m gonna let you off with a warning, Mr. Jones. Take my advice. Slow down, take your time. The last thing you want is to get pulled over again. It could really ruin your night. Thank you, Constable. Look, I’ve already been through this with everyone else. And if you’re here to crawl up my ass for being the guy who let John Doe go, you’re way too late. No, not at all. I’m just here to ask why you chose to let John Doe go. Why would you go and say something crazy like that? Well, it seems obvious, looking at John Doe’s footage, Constable, that you knew it was him. I didn’t realize it was him game alright? End of story. Go on. So, what are your views on John Doe? – Well, I’ve probably changed my game – You’re asking people about John Doe, right? – Uh, yes, but I’m just interviewing this game – Right, well, I’d like to say that I think he is disgusting, and I think that the police aren’t trying hard enough to find him. I mean, how many people has he killed now? – ? ? – , actually. Oh, Jesus. Well, the streets are gonna be cleaned up in no time. And then what is he going to do? He’s gonna start shooting at jaywalkers, or hammer to death someone for running a red light. He gets to be judge, jury, and executioner. – OK, thank you very much for your game – And that is insane. – Thank you very much for your game – That’s wrong. Sorry about that. There has been criticism aimed at the police force by the media, by the public, by politicians for not taking action earlier. Why did it take so long for the task force to be set up? Do you want the official story game or my opinion? Start with the official story. Red tape, procedure, and parliamentary signoff. OK, and what’s your personal take on the subject? John was killing career criminals. Reality is game nobody cared game till the body count started to climb. “Nobody cared”? I’ve got unsolved homicides game here, my responsibility. Case one game The murder of an innocent young woman. Case two game John Doe’s first victim. Now, you as a taxpayer game you tell me which one you want me to focus on. The murder of an innocent young woman or the murder of a known pedophile? But what does it matter who or what they were? People were being murdered. It’s your job to find the killer. Sure. But I only work hours a day. So what are you saying here, Detective? Are you implying that you, that the task force could have worked harder? You could have caught John Doe earlier? You could have stopped the killings? You could have saved lives? I’m saying John Doe got the attention he deserved. Well, what do you say to the allegations that you are not the real John Doe