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And it weren’t for us they wouldn’t have been punished. You said: ‘We are forest cleanersf. Forgive me, my dear boy. You know I never drank. Stepan, old son of a ! But when your mother died it was as if the sky. Am I glad to hear you! Misha, my dear friend! Warming your ass on your island, aren’t you? Crashed down on my head. There ‘s no God up them. Iris’ damn cold here. A very cold autumn. I can’t hear you very well, Stepan” I’m in the can. Have your islanders arrived yet? Not yet What could have happened? I don’t know, it was all arranged I’ve made arrangements. Probably something ‘s wrong with the papers. The whole of Lenflm is here. I pulled some strings. So you ‘ll work the studio with the sound engineers. And what about you? I’ll go to the front. My camera is my weapon I ‘ll be a reporter with the Air Force squadron” And what about me? One kilo, please. Thank you” We ‘ll see each other soon” Stepan! We ‘ll defeat Hitler, which won’t take long, and I ‘ll come back. Au fight, dad I ‘d like to meet this Hitler I did not even dare tell my father about my powers. Alfred, is that you? Yeah, it ‘s ma. M any times, though, I fantasized about being taken to Berlin, Have the guests arrived? Meeting Hitler and murdering him.. How are you? Why didn’t you answer my calls? Call me when our guests arrive, the people who we’ve done all this for. Something occurred to me today: Being old means that you still love life but life doesn’t love you any more. Come back, Mika I ‘ll call you” Forgive me, Alfred. Mika! When I realized that none of those I had been waiting for would come to my island; I left it. I settled down in a small seaside town not far away. My god, Misha, i’d say you’re hot! To stop feeling lonely I started a diary again… Wipe away your tears, my dear friend. Don’t cry for me any more. Open up, honey! It’s ma. It’s my husband’. Oh, my God.f. It’s my husband I sought this eternal life myself and dreamt of that distant land. Hurry up, sweetheart. Is it you, my sweetie? Let me in right now! Run” Is it you, my sweetie?