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 These adaptable birds traditionally nest in the burrows of prairie dogs, but in the city a piece of old pipe will do. The parents split their duties the father does much of the hunting, but in this case it’s the mother that actually feeds the chicks. The burrowing owl’s ability to hover gives it time to judge an attack before pouncing on its prey. The owls can raise anything from one to  chicks in a summer season. To survive, their young will have to quickly learn to negotiate the dangers of city life. Longer hunting trips are sometimes necessary as open land disappears. But so long as the city can still provide food and shelter, these owls will remain a part of the urban landscape. A few hundred miles south of silicon valley, another city has grown up on the edge of a desert. This is bakersfield, california. It sits on an underground reservoir of water, enabling its residents to live in a suburban idyll. This modern day oasis has provided sanctuary for a rare animal one that emerges at night. The san joaquin kit fox is one of the smallest and rarest foxes in the world.