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 Obama vs Zombies my my baby sir baby i think its that kid whose troubling your daughter sir she its her only sir when i called her nithya she looked up at me sir just like just like your daughter saw me sir what happened? go and get some water nothing’s happened, nothing’s happened shall we go to the police? does this look to you like a matter that warrrants the police? where’s the bungalow he’s talking about? smitha bungalow people say its a ghost house shall we barge in and check the bungalow out? dont act in haste you listened to what he said right? i wonder if the nithya thats troubling my daughter did something to him slao in what bloody way did i sin this nithya, I wonder my daughter when she was staring at him the other day such intensity he was little scared when i asked him to go there again today sad see how freaked out he looks now what do we do uncle? first check if the bike’s there infront of the house we’ll decide later about going into the house he keeps saying anu right? do you know her? he’s told me a lot about her he even said he married her she was slso pregnant apparently even whe we got hold of him today, he got my mobile and tried calling her after that only like a madman he started blabbering, hitting us first find out where this anu is register a complaint with the police also asking them to find her but be careful make sure they dont drag us into the enquiry make him stay at your room itself for a few days Dont leave him anywhere alone come in what are you doing here? come,we’ll go down come ]random convo] what happened mike? dont know.finding it difficult to.. breath take a deep breath how many years has it been since the marriage?  months sir  months only eh? did you try at her mom’s place? she has no parents sir these days i get atleast  wiferunning away cases every month put a sign here what happened is? a guy who was suspicious over his wife, killed her shot their child also and commited suicide that has been locked since those people near the house they believe that there are ghosts in there even two years back  policemen were found dead.