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 Don’t you suspect?  No. Touch it. Can you feel it? No, nothing. A tumor.  There’s nothing there.  Compare with the other one. It’s exactly the same.  Both are beautiful.  That’s not what I’m showing them for! There’s nothing there!  I’m an expert!  An expert! There were no prophylactic mammography tests in your days. But breasts where already there! So where the tests! After the war, I was an operator in a traveling cinema. We visited villages, and we screened movies in the evenings. We came to a village, we hanged posters, saying: ‘Compulsory radiography for all women,  years of age’. Ocman Octet came, because society was disciplined in those times. They stepped individually into the van. If they were ugly, we xrated them fast, in their clothes. If they were pretty, they had to undress… and the tests were long and profound.  Slobs!  Oh no!  Beauty lovers!  Sure! Maybe some of the women were sick for real? And you calmed them down with some fictional tests. If they looked sick, we told them to go to a doctor. We were only interested in healthy, country girls, with protruding, firm Ocman Octet!