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You’ve got a point. Goodbye. Goodbye. You mean to tell me that you’ve never heared of me? I mean, really. I mean, come on, you look at me. You’re putting me on with those beautiful green eyes. Honey, I won, the Big Bundle! The TV contest! You must’ve heard of that! A montage of international types. I think that would be a good idea. Well, well, how do you do? Terrible. Why? I tried the Iranian oil ministers, nothing. Karnovski said nyet. That leaves Takaguchi. My last shot over there. What is it that you’re after, anyway? I don’t know, this Delos guset list looks like a rerun from the last Geneva Conference. Oil ministers, rocket experts, heavyweight electronic types. For God sakes, at $, a day, who else could afford this? You know, you are looking for something that isn’t there. You may be right. Hey, Miss Ballard. Miss Ballard, now, listen now, you have got to put me on your show. No fooling now, I am a real angle. Oh, excuse me, pal. Oh, that’s all right. Listen, why don’t you take that seat there? Oh, thanks, thanks. You bet. What’s your name? Ron Thurlow, Ron. The Big Bundle, you know? Ron, I’m Chuck Browning. Hi. Ron, you don’t read, do you? Me, no, I’m a tube freak. Right, well, you just sit right there, ’cause I know Miss Ballard loves to get close to her viewers. Oh, thanks. You bet. Yeah. Ciao. Thanks, pal. Anytime. Nice felllow. Now, listen, here’s the deal, Miss Ballard. You see, now, I am a common type man, but you see, right now, well, I’m a big winner. Now, that’s news, right? Yes, that’s right, Ron, but let me tell you something. You see, the video crew isn’t here on this trip. This is just a research trip, you see. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Doggone that’s too bad. Sorry. Hey, do you know what this fella told me? He told me, “Once you make it with a robot chick, “that’s it, you don’t never want nothing else.” I swear to God, that’s what he told me. Are you going to do it? Do what, Ron? Have with a robot? Not this trip, Ron. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Salahari International Airport.