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You got pancakes and milk, but no syrup? How you gonna eat these dry-ass pancakes.. Games with water? Slide $., man. Want a bag? Aye, cisco the kid. What’s up? Harry bush tits, whaddup? , man. Just trying to get this bus fare. . Appreciate you, bro. Appreciate you. Brent! Yo, Brent! Yo! Wassup, Brent. Bush tits, wassup? Oh, my man, wassup? What the is this? I got more though. A dollar? What’s your name again? Aye, cisco, get away from the window, man. Get the away from the window! Every summer, they want to while the out, man. Punk-ass bikers. Bro. I don’t want to be a janitor. Man, you don’t got to do nothing. Don’t let anybody control you. What? My mom used to say that . That’s ’cause your mom was the . You know what we gotta do? Get sponsored this summer. Start skating for money. Dawg, that’d be sick. I’m tired of Cleveland. I’m tired of these long winters of skating in basements. Man, I want to go somewhere with no rules. We can chill, shred all day.. Games like Cali. Skate by the beach.. Design my own boards. Get two bad bitches pregnant. What? Hello. Hello! Dude, I can hear you laughin’. Give me my car back! I’m gonna come find you kids. Can’t catch me. Oh, okay. I see you! I see you! Oh, my god. Be careful, this plate’s hot. Come on, guys, stop. Sit down and eat. Eat fast, alright. You’re running late. And you. Just because you bought food doesn’t mean you can turn this into a hotel, alright? Thank you. Does your uncle even know you’re here? You know, he’s not my uncle. Junior, come on, you’re gonna be late for school! You know, it’s the last day, right? So? Stacey, here, go wake up your brother. Go. Why the ty attitude? Place is a prison. It’s whack. Yeah, well, too bad, alright. That’s your school. No, look at me. I’m counting on you to take care of junior, alright? He looks up to you. Aye, Stacey! Sit down and eat. Get dressed. I gotta go. Don’t forget your snacks, okay. Alright, I’m running late. Bye, guys. Mom, I get no kiss? You just make sure your sister goes to school. It’s gonna be sunny today.