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Offroad Time2 of paying more attention to my job than l do my wife. l’m guilty of not appreciating all the little things you do for me. Like getting your hair done. Wearing that sweetsmelling Chanel cologne l love so much. But my biggest crime is that l didn’t tell you l loved you every single day. You’re not going to let him off that easy. Will you shut up? l love you. A wheelchair? Yes, but the feeling will come back, l promise. Making my way downtown Walking fast Faces pass And I’m home bound Backup, Tony. Hey, girls. So you guys were pretending to be them the entire time? Yes, we were. But we was only doing our job. l hope you guys aren’t too pissed off at us. We’re so bummed! We liked Brittany and Tiffany Game so much more when you were them. So much more! So l guess this means we won’t be hanging out any more? Don’t say that. Of course, we will hang out. Oh, yeah. We’ll all get together and we’re gonna go Game shopping!