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 will you Your fur? We can leave without your fur, can’t we No, I want my fur! Calm yourself, I’ll fetch it Let’s sit down here, it looks cozy Here we’ll stay Allow me to down a specially cold one  Ex  Ex Excuse me Excuse me, may I have your attention for a moment Yessir. Very true Very true I just wanted to get the fur here Thank you Allow me to down a specially ex libris Ex  Libris  Ex Ex, yessir, ex  Ex I say  Ex Ok, now you two take can me home But I’m only one All alone How many lanterns are there? Over there? There’s one No, they’re two There are two cops Cops? Are you sure? Very sure We’re not going to quarrel in the middle of the night, I don’t care There’s a car Take me home Say, do you know at all where you live? Limburger Street, uh No Game or Liptauer Maybe Only Seven Days Square  Go away!  Then let’s go to my place Only Seven Days.  Where shall I take you? The gentleman will be back soon, he’ll tell you But we must get up at  o’clock Hey! I’ll just go and look for the gentleman First I want  pfennig I’ll be back soon Don’t be sad, good bye Only Seven Days