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Thank you. Thank you. Wow. Hi, Ladies. Have you tasted this? They have a whole tray of them up there. Oh, my God. Uh, this is disgusting. Argh. Hey, man, you should really watch out. These ing things are everywhere. They’re really ing nasty. Just in case you’re allergic or whatever. You know what I’m allergic to? What? You bumming me out. Care for a little relief? I have a prescription from Dr. Greenthumb. Sweet party, dude. Yeah. Yeah, it’s not bad. They’re super rich, these people. So if you just keep your head down, you know, they games I guess they tip well. That’s what Julia says. Julie, Julie. She’s a hottie with a body, huh? Uh, she’s not, um games she doesn’t happen to be available, does she? I don’t games I haven’t asked her. I totally get it, man! Hello. Hi. I’ll have whatever you’re making. I like the way you hold that bottle. Thank you. That guy was really creepy. He looks like Ulysses S. Grant. Thanks for the invite. What? Uh games Well, mother and I are games are certainly delighted you could games all be here this evening to, uh, remember dad. These gatherings have, uh games certainly become a tradition throughout the years. Sorry, I didn’t think you’d be so cool about it. Yeah, well, you mean everyone can smell it on you, so games Sorry. And so, uh, everybody enjoy themselves and have a great time. And games and stay as long as you’d like. And, uh games games um, uh games games yeah. Yeah. Thank you all for coming. And for leaving the kids at home. Really. It was funny. Oh, ing shit games You see that? Help! Oh, God, help him! I think something bit him! No, no. I couldn’t possibly games You’re a doctor! Help him! I’m a gynecologist for Christ’s sake! What the hell is happening? Oh, God, get away from him! I got a cold compress! Oh, my God! Alright, alright. Watch out! Somebody call ! For ‘s sake! Can you help me with this, sir? Yeah, I’ll do the best I can. Roll him onto the cloth. One, two, tree. Oh. Everybody get inside right now! Get off. Get off me! Leave me! Leave me! Leave me alone! Don’t.