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  I’d like to- how can I help you, ma’am? Yeah, um, I’m looking for a Operation In The Temple Of Doom. This is Steven. Hey, Steven. I’m, um, I’m sitting here holding a letter Saying that I am four months now behind in my mortgage, And, um, I mean, I- I should just throw this away Because you paid it. Look, this really isn’t a good time right now. Wait, wait. Who is Stanton, Morrison, & Phillips, anyway? I sold the firm, Caroline, all right? I had to. W- when? Yesterday. I had to while it was still worth something. Okay, uh, well, that’s- that’s great. Um, so how much do I get? Well, it’s, um It’s a little bit more complicated than that. It’s not Gamesg complicated. Where is my Games money? Look, Caroline I’ve got family, okay? I got responsibilities. What the Games are you talking about? Caroline, we both know that this is not- Stop. Stop. Please, just stop. Please. Can I see you? Can I just see you? You can come over, okay? can I see you? Please, can I see you? Just come over, okay? I’m just home. Operation In The Temple Of Doom out. We’ve just come- You said that Lucy would dance with you.