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 Yes This is the fur you gave to your girlfriend by mistake  And you’ve accepted it?  I did Last night? On the ball?  Then you were up there last night, at the  What business is that to you? Excuse me, it’s none of my business of course But you were up there You’re very fresh But the next time you want to give away a fur, then buy one yourself I will  Goodbye  I’ll send over the contracts The copies will be typed in the secretariat Hello there Well Come in It’s working But maybe it isn’t the right coat I don’t think it’s nutria That’s more like it  I think  How tall is the lady? The lady is about this and this narrow Then it’ll fit Will it? Then you could wrap up this one here What’s the price?  marks Opposite Fashion? Yes Opposite Fashion But I can only pay tonight, that is only a part of it Tonight, as first installment Say,  marks You’re working over there at the insurance company? Yes, over there I’ve seen you go inside several times That was me You only have to ask the staff manager, he’ll confirm that I that I’m good for the amount any time What’s the number?