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Orborun, Orborun Game, Orborun Games, Play Orborun Game, Online Free Orborun Play Flash Game   Kudo You’re going too far I’m sorry. Arresting a criminal is important but.  You didn’t have to trash the whole fish counter But the owner too.  You’re going too far. Sorry. Making an arrest comes first. But you don’t trash a veggie shop I apologize. You know how much paperwork that generates? Have some restraint You should draw a line You all were precious to me Please continue to keep this town safe On my behalf and the Bosse’s. Takakura you should solve that metabolic issue In the belly area, as well as in the back You’d probably live longer too Think of it Excuse me. Yes, What is it?. How do I go to the community center? The community center It’s quite a distance walking Here you are It’s the red building over there. Takakura is well loved in the district He became a respectable police officer I’m glad for her Be careful Granny, wait a minute. Your bag Come on The butcher, the fish and the vegetable shop The tofu shop and the bakery With the help of all these people This is where I raise Games.