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 She insists that we tell her. That’s hers. That’s Lucy’s. See? It’s beautiful. Yeah. You look a lot like her Orchestrated Death 2. Yes. Okay, no. What else? no, I did not lose the list. Because I’m looking at it! I have it right here in my hand! I have to go. Thank you. Ahh. You hung up on her, didn’t you? Yep. Yep, Orchestrated Death 2 was always at the gym too. Okay, so, what’s your big plan? Have you ever thought about selling Andy’s shares in Orchestrated Death 2 Jennings? I don’t know. How much do you think they’re worth? I don’t know. I’d have to see. Okay, well why don’t you go ahead and do that? Well, maybe I will. Okay, then. Okay, fine. Okay. Oh. Where are my keys? Flash Games. Where are my keys? Where-huh? Sit down. It’s almost time for your morning show. Where are my keys?! I can’t let you leave. I can’t be late for work! Please, give me my keys! Calm down, it’s okay. I know you-I know you took my keys! Flash Games. I know you did! I’ll take you. I’m begging you. Everything’s gonna be all right. Okay. Okay? Yeah, no. I’ll take you. Yeah. Okay? Okay. Okay. Take your coat. Yeah. my keys. Huh? You don’t have to drive. I’m gonna drive.