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  We’ll tell her we’re from a foundation. It doesn’t make sense. We come to heal her, or do we want her dead? Do you believe we can heal her? Everything is possible. Sure. But this trick works better! Maybe. But… No buts! Listen man! God is great. Such a simple trick! And we don’t have to kill anyone. We’ll be counting cash in the evening!  I can’t do it.  What? Hubert! I really can’t. Something has happened. I’m sorry. What’s happened?  Are you sick?  No, I’m not. Something important has happened. What is if? I can’t tell you. Anyway, I don’t know how. Do it yourself. You’re all fucked up! You know I can’t do it by myself! I have four daughters who must be fed. And now this crap! Just think about it! I see! A woman! You told me about it! I hope it’s not the old one behind the reception desk? Papa Ice Cream! You mean you fucked that young waitress? Good morning. Leon, we need to talk. The results are OK! You were right. It’s nothing dangerous.  You’re leaving now that…  You’re leaving too. I don’t want to! I thought we’ll go together! You’re just like a child. I’m a child! You gave birth to me again! I thought… you might need me. I know it’s hard to base on someone like me… I know but what about my divorce, and my son? I must settle my life first. You can’t go now, you cannot leave me!  But I have to!  I’ll come the moment you call.  Give me your address!  I’ll call you. That’ll be all, thank you. Please, don’t call us. We’ll call you.  I’ve heard all my life.  Don’t talk like that. You’re a very close person to me. I really think I was sick, but now I’m fine. Thank you for everything, Emilia. No. I thank you. Leon the Healer! Papa Ice Cream, I planned it all. Look, what we have! It’s useless. When you come with God, you ring, don’t you? With a different bell.  Like this one?  Listen, you idiot! They’ll hear! Papa Ice Cream! Maybe you’re right. I’ll go and pay. I’ll be waiting in the car. Pack up. ‘And we don’t have to kill anyone… Do you want me to go get her? No, she might be embarrassed. For sure. She’s taking a bath. Please tell her good bye, and good bye to you. The stay was wonderful.