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That Edvard was so goodlooking. Didn’t the pickup moves work? No. He must be used to other girls back in Costa Del Sol. His name was Eduardo. He’s from Argentina, not Costa Del Sol. Wow! Eduardo from Argentina! Wait until the graduation festival tomorrow, it’ll be the alltime baddest party! Tomorrow is the day.. uh.. for a new day. Ok, folks? Folks? Ok, folks, rise and shine! Long drive ahead of us, we need to keep it up! With the left or the right hand? Where were you yesterday? Not really my kind of party. No, hardly a party at all. How long ’til we get there? Why do you ask? I’m just looking forward to it. At Ødvåg High School, six graduates have broken the rules and departed on a trip that almost ended up killing District Sheriff Vidkun BøIseth. The school’s headmaster, Steinar Åmus, thinks there could be a connection with the stolen cash box that disappeared three days ago. It is a small gang of lost souls, who, in spite of lots of love and great followup, from Ødvåg High School, have stolen the cash box with kroner, and departed on a Game . The Sheriff detected the graduates’ bus just outside Ødvåg, and after barely avoiding being hit, he Game We know who they are, but prefer not to disclose any names, out of consideration for the next of kin. Except Jan Pling, he’s not even Norwegian. Probably their ring leader. Ahem Game His name is Yao Ming Game Anyway, God knows what kind of garbage they breed in North Korea. He’s a Chinese exchange student attending this school. If you see the graduates’ car, which is named “Garbageheap”or something Game “Russtheap” Don’t stop or talk to them. Contact the police. What could happen if someone contacts them? Thanks, that’s enough. Sheriff BøIseth will mobilize several sheriff’s offices on the West Coast in the hunt for the graduates. The Nordmøre TV News has a photo of the alleged ring leader Yao Ming. Nordmøre TV News promises to keep our viewers up to date on this case. I’m no expert, but I guess that isn’t the E.