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kind of like surviving. Mm game And, uh, and not, not going game I mean, like the whole thing about not going down with the ship. Yeah game I mean, Dido’s Dido, but, you know, I mean, uh game AMY SIGHING I think she’s one of the most exciting and brilliantly talented vocalists to emerge in this country in many, many years. It is Amy Winehouse. APPLAUSE Fantastic. You’re managed by the company who looks after S Club , used to look after the Spice Girls, Simon Fuller. Have they tried to mould you in any way? Asked you to do things, to change the way you look or speak or behave? Um, yeah, one of them tried to mould me into a big triangle shape and I went, No! LAUGHTER No, I’ve got my own style. I’ve got my own style and I wrote my own songs and, you know, if someone has so much of something already, there’s very little you can game add. Yeah. You know what I like about you, as well? The way you sound so common. LAUGHTER Because I am common and it’s like, you know, it’s so refreshing to hear someone who isn’t speaking like they’ve taken elocution lessons. Yeah. They gave me elocution lessons, but they kind of game Psht! They didn’t stick. Off my back, yeah. I realized early on, when Amy made her mind up, she made her mind up. And I found it difficult to stand up to her. She would say, Oh, Mum, you’re so soft with me. I can get away with murder. You should be tougher, Mum. Well, I just accepted it. I wasn’t strong enough to say to her, Stop. AMY I met another woman when Amy was about months old. We worked together. We were having an affair. But another eight or nine years were to pass before I left home. I was a coward. But I felt that Amy was over it pretty quick. AMY When Amy was a teenager, or , she was being taken to the doctor’s and she was on antidepressants. SLOW MUSIC What is it about men Amy used to always say to me that that was her dream, really, to do those sorts of shows, to play in jazz clubs to small audiences. She had one of the most pure relationships to music, such an emotional relationship to music. Like she needed music