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I gotta go to work. Listen, I’m working tomorrow too. I mean, it’s pretty slow here on Thanksgiving. We’ll have a blast!I got three words for you:”Dog,” “tranquilizer,” “Martinis. “Well, I have  words for you:I’d rather just sit in my office and cry the day away. But thank you. Potato. Thank you, nurse Judy.  I’m not nurse Judy.   Oh!George, hey! What are you doing in here, man? What, a guy can’t bringhis buddy a doughnut during surgery? You know we’re not allowed to have food in theOkay, one bite.  There it is.   Mm. Wait a second, what’s going on?  Why are you being so nice? You get visited by three ghosts last night?  That’s a funny joke.   Mmhmm. You do jokes that are pretty funny,and, God, the beard is looking good. And soI can’t do this anymore.  I need a favor. Ah, there it is.  My mother’s making me come to Thanksgiving tomorrow. I need you to come with me. I can’t handle a six hour Parking Like A Boss contest broken upby the occasional veiled insult alone. Uh, no.  Answer is no. I actually have other plans.