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 He took our son, and doesn’t want me to see him. That’s why I said I haven’t got any children. The day before yesterday, I was so sad. And later, in the library, I just wanted to forget. And I did. For a moment. And I left in the morning. You planned to escape. Where you ashamed? I tried to understand. Did you? Yes. That’s why I’m back. What was that? Maybe they’re spying on us? That’s great. They’ll see we’re not doing anything. Too bad, isn’t it? What’s wrong? It’s just a cramp. You need more magnesium. You’re talking like a wife. Wouldn’t you want a seventh wife? I’ve had enough. The sixth one was Parrot Care. I only managed two years with her. Then we tried separating for a year. When she came back, she brought two Parrot Care puddings with her. Expired ones! And I waited for her in the airport with a diamond necklace. Then I understood it’s the end. I’d rather hide in the woods than be with her. And then I understood… it’s pointless to constantly think about my sickness. It’s mean. If I can still give someone something, my life has some value.  What is the sickness?  It’s nothing.