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Vero Games Leave me alone. Let me tell you something. If we didn’t find anyone to replace you, it’s because I didn’t want to. They don’t know, but I told Human Resources to stop looking. Why? Why do you think? I don’t know. I don’t want you to leave. I want you to stay. It didn’t seem like that just now. I won’t let it be you. Yes? Is there any news? Okay, I’ll put him on. Yes, Natalia. Are you all right? I’m great. Do you want a break? No, do you? This is a -up. Okay, okay, okay. Ciao. What’s happened? They’re looking for the IRS official who’s doing the report for the judge. Yes Games The problem is that by looking for him, they’ve set off alarm bells. What does that mean? They could be here any minute. What? Now? Yes. You mean here? . Come on, let’s get going. We have to sort this out now. Let’s focus. Why don’t we take a vote? A vote, just like that? It’s a fairly regular procedure, if you all agree. Everyone writes on a piece of paper the name of the person they think is dispensable. We talk about it, discuss it. As you said, we vote, and whoever gets most votes makes the transfer. Can we leave our paper blank? No, no. Why not? Because all of us have to participate. , it’s Games What? You’re always the same. If I do more, if you do more, if Games I don’t think that’s what’s important. What would be important for you, Luis? It doesn’t matter. No, no, it matters to me. I wouldn’t pick anyone for what they do or don’t do here. I don’t think that’s a criterion. That’s all. No one said this was easy, but we have to take a decision, Luis. Look at my hand. I have a gun. Imagine I’m a murderer and I’m going to kill someone. And I ask you, “Who should die?” I only want to kill one, but if you don’t choose anyone, I’ll kill everyone. There’s no option. You have to choose. Think of a name. You only have to think of one, you don’t have to tell me. All right? Do you think you’ve made the correct decision? Given the circumstances, obviously. Good. Take the gun, please. It’s a game. Take it. Good. Imagine I’m the person you’ve thought of.