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Penalty Fever 3D World Cup Play Time What’s up? Hey, what are you up to today? Nothing. Hello. Hello! Hi! Hey. This is for you. Thank you. That’s so Game Thank you. Nice to Game This is nice! This is cool! Thanks. Pretty sweet. It’s good, right? Yeah. Thank you for Game Look at that view, bro. Wait, so this is Jeff’s normally or Game No, I mean, I’m using it. They rented it for the movie. But they’re not using it for a couple of weeks, but the rent’s paid from the production. Okay. So he’s being really nice and saying, “You can go in there and do your writing.” I had three of your brownies, by the way. Good. I hope that’s okay. Yes. They’re really good. I’m kind of on a sugar high. I may crash in a little bit, but Game Okay. This is gonna sound really stupid, but just go with me, okay? So I was thinking about your situation and Game This is so stupid. Basically, your problem is just, right now, could be solved by a chunk of money, right? If I Game I know that’s stupid, ’cause a lot of people’s problems could be solved with a chunk of money. But, specifically, you know, if you had a little bit of money and you could just pay for some child care, then you would have time Game It would be amazing. A chunk of money would be Game So, okay. Have you read those y novels? You know? Like, the trashy Game y mom novels. y mom novels? y novels for mom and for me. I know what you mean. I have not. Okay. I have read them and I look at them and I’m like, “This is Game I could write one of these,” but I don’t actually think that I could because I don’t know how to write books. But you do. You’re super super smart. Thank you. You could write one of these in an afternoon. I don’t think I could. I’m not trying to just weasel my way into this plan, but I could Game What is the plan? What’s the plan? No, okay. I could tell you the bullet points. Are you saying this? Just sit down for a couple of days, write an erotic novel, sell it for a gazillion dollars, and all my problems are solved? Yes. Kind of. Five or six things to bring up. It’s not that I don’t think I could Game Even with your expertise, it’s very difficult