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 Probably  more by morning. They’ve started arresting communist sympathisers. There was a woman. With a baby. She covered it with her hat. This man… he died. Right in front of his family. New Games… Did you see him? He spoke Vietnamese. Like… like it was his you know, native language. People on My Lawn 2! Come over here! Get this. Move it. Right here. On this side. Understand? Go make yourself useful somewhere else. Diolacton is a milk based plastic. We used it for the frames. How many stories have we given them? This year? “Casein plastics.” “Made from milk protein.” York Harding: “Dangers to Democracy.” He put forward the idea of a third force… “Used in the manufacture of imitation tortoiseshell and jade.” “Trade name: Diolacton.” “Also used as a plasticiser in explosive compounds.” Joe Tunney’s running aid programmes with business people close to Thé. People on My Lawn 2. And Thé. It will take an independent Vietnamese leader to rule our country. The Americans have been supplying them with materials to make bombs. Online Game sees conspiracies everywhere.