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For me, cinema has always been a luxury craft. And I can’t stand it when all those involved aren’t concentrated. And when I felt things are getting loose, I had to remind them right away of their privileged position. Well, you’re too low, I don’t understand what’s up. Not to me, children! What’s happening there? This choleric side that you hear of… what’s credited to Claude, and it’s true that he often went into a rage. It was protection against… against not always being on the verge of sensitiveness. Which he often was, when he told you a story, because his eyes filled with tears and he cried. It’s a trait of Claude’s that always shattered me. The methodical way this comes about, when he listens to Jean’s brother, like something that can’t be stopped, it’s… Even when I see that again, it’s good. If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t improve on it. The staging itself. The way in which the focus moves from Depardieu’s brother to Depardieu. You move from a subjective viewpoint to an extremely active viewpoint, – in the same shot. – What’s the matter, Vincent? Vincent? Vincent! I wasn’t thinking about that when writing that… it had to be played! And on agreeing to have Montand play it, I found out what that meant for the character which Depardieu played. Well, I felt something profoundly moving. In that scene, I identify more with Depardieu than with the one with the attack, naturally, because he’s unconscious. Which brought tears to his eyes, at that same point we’re talking about, it was… when a man was torn between his life and the other’s. That’s to say… we live our life in the river that carries us and at the same time, you swim, you row and sometimes you go against the stream, then to on bank, the other. It was the individual… battle. By sheer luck, I found the word! He always said: “Have to find the word! Have to find the word!” If I’d be writing that, I’d have put: “personal battle”. “No, my dear! Not personal! It’s not personal! “The person, that’s another thing! “- Egoist battle?