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MARK: Excuse me. Um… CHUCKLES Yes, sir. Zero! Zero! There is a % chance that your subprime losses will stop at %. Zero. CELL PHONE CHIMES Excuse me. I have to take this. MAN: He must be from Bank of America. ALL LAUGHING MAN: Our subprime department is fine. No, I’m not doing anything right now. MAN: As I was saying, our residential department… How are the kids? MAN: …consumers reacted to our packages… Mark Baum really did that. When we were in Vegas, he did that. He said that, he took the call. Now you see what I had to deal with? GUNFIRE SHOUTING WHOOPING Yeah, the Beretta… Meh. But this Uzi is ing awesome! I need this CDO machine to run for another two years. And then I’m rich as and I got my house in Aspen. But do you have any concerns about the performance of the underlying securitizations? It’s easy to see that delinquencies and default rates are on the rise right now. Could you please stop being such a buzzkill, dude? We didn’t bring you out here to talk about work, bro. Why did you bring us out here? Because we need to be able to expense the ammo to a client. I’m gonna go shoot some terrorists. Watch how it’s done, boys! CHARLIE: These guys are morons. ing tool. MAN: Whoo! These guys are morons. , yes! Boom! Yeah, man! We need to be buying up every swap we can get our hands on here. Just hold on, okay? Hold on. My brother’s ex girlfriend works for the SEC. She just told me she’s in town, okay? So, if we’re missing something, maybe she can tell me. You know, give me some insight. In the meantime, you go to the main floor and price some swaps. JAMIE: STAMMERS Well, actually, we’re about to invest in housing bonds, and… I was wondering if the SEC is worried about them at all. I know you’re not allowed to tell me specifics, but just generally. Oh, we don’t investigate mortgage bonds. Truth is, since we got our budget cut, we don’t investigate much. Then why are you here? I thought… I’m not here for the SEC. I’m here on my own dime. Perfect Father’s Day Cake