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 Perfect Snowman  Leave the matter alone Anu Anu hey anu hey why didnt you take the uniform? its wet now Now what do i wear and go? how many times did i tell you yesterday to keep it in the cupboard, to not forget Answer me wont you do any job properly? see Now what do i wear and go? for what are you crying now? Why are you sitting here now? why are you cruing? Anu You are very careless when it comes to certain things Anu thats why i scolded why would you take that seriously? it is for your own good that i shouted at you no? have ever seen me be careless at something? tell have ever seen me be careless at something? am pregnant Both of are careless with few things eh? Did you go to the doctor? i’ll be going today only What shall we do if the doctor confirms it? what shall we do meaning? uh, In our present situation, now this Shall we abort it? you are asking me to commit a murder eh? No anu We both havent married yet we’ll marry immediately marry and what? the salary that i get, it aint enough for our expenses itself now a baby also already we’ve bribed the watchman to manage in this outhouse whose there to support us? Murder you call it? accidentally its happened think a little practically shut up you knew only today that we have no one to support us eh? you talk like as if we met yesterday and i became pregnant today arent you ashamed? we shall marry micheal we’ll do we’ll surely do but we neednt do it now After  years when we are a little settled so for  years? whom do i tell the people is the father for the baby? thats why am telling this hey anu Anu? Dude dude take this and go Do you have change for ? Excuse me? do you have change for ? Hello? Sir, i asked if you had change for ? I dont have change and all Have this I dont want Have this nooooooooo Excuse me Perfect Snowman not eating this Make her eat no? you feed her eat this Stop it Laughing forever like a madass. Why is this ‘Perfect Snowman’ sir looking so serious now? if this had been my place, they’d have beat him black and blue and they themselves would’ve bought him new clothes and conducted the marriage.