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And did he? I’d marry you a hundred times. I’m gonna go jump in the shower. I don’t want to be late. Let’s first. Mmm. You sure you don’t want to come with me? As much as I love insurance seminars, I think I might pass. Funny. All right, I’m back at :, cocktails at :, and the awards at :. I’ll be ready. Have fun. Thanks. Oh, I radio I think I’m at radio Daisy radio Elaine? Hi. What a radio What a surprise. Um radio Daisy, Daisy. This is Elaine. She’s, um radio I knew your dad a long time ago. You can call me, Laney. Come in, come in! And this is Daisy’s room. Did you have a dollhouse when you were little? I did. What color? Yellow with blue shutters. That’s me, that’s Mommy, and that’s Daddy. All right. Let’s snap. Okay! Bike helmets, huh? Yeah, all these laws. All that P.C. garbage. Keeping our kids safe. Helmets, car seats, this, that. We didn’t have any of this stuff when you were a kid, and you came through. You survived just fine. Um radio I thought radio I thought maybe we would, uh, come down to the city, Daisy and me, over the summer. You know, maybe meet her niece and nephew? Janey and Eli are their names. Janey and Eli, yeah, right. Uh, I’d like to meet them too. My grandkids. And Bruce. I just, you know, when you’re radio When it’s the right time. When you’re feeling better. Who told you? Your brother calls me from time to time. He gives me updates. Why didn’t you call me? You were in the hospital. It didn’t seem the right time. I mean, the years before that. She loves that bike. Gave it to her for her last birthday. When I was her age, all I cared about was baseball. I’ll never forget when I hit my first homerun. Pow! Brought in three runs. I was so excited I ran all the way home from school. And, “Ma! Ma! Ma!” I shouted, “Ma!” I couldn’t wait to tell her. I burst right into her bedroom. Didn’t even knock. And there she was. Face down on the floor in a pool of her own vomit. I never knew that. No. You were too young. I don’t think your radio your mother even knew. I felt calling you was wrong.