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Now their foot’s on fire, they think their steak is done, and you’re surprised? That’s not stupidity. That’s fraud. Tell me the difference between stupid and illegal, and I’ll have my wife’s brother arrested. SNICKERS That was funny. JARED: I guess you just don’t realize how clueless the system really is. Yes, there’s some shady shit going down, but trust me, it’s fueled by stupidity! Look at yourselves. You know, you pass yourself off as cynical people but you still have some faith in the system, don’t you? I don’t. Well, except for Vinnie. And who gives a shit? JAMIE: No way! Look… Either we’re right or we’re wrong in a giant, giant way. And if we’re wrong, then we got to find someone to help us get out of this trade. I’m not feeling remotely confident that we’re right. And if we’re wrong, who’s gonna tell us? Who understands this stuff? It makes no sense! STATIC BEN: I think we need to go to Vegas. What’s in Vegas? Vegas? What the hell’s in Las Vegas? The American Securitization Forum is there next week. Every bond and CDO salesman, subprime lender and swap trader is gonna be there. I’m telling you, your bet is against dumb money. It’s about time you find out just how dumb that money really is. PORTER: God, I hate Vegas. I hear the food has gotten really good in Vegas. They have a Nobu now. Would you ing stop it? INDISTINCT CHATTER INDISTINCT CHATTER CHARLIE: Any sense? BEN: And if a bond is “rich” it is… I don’t know, loaded with assets? “Rich” just means overpriced. I can’t sleep on planes, so I did my homework. Okay, let’s focus. What’s our goal? To figure out if this is a deal of a lifetime or if everyone here knows something we don’t and we’re gonna get royally screwed. Right. Remember that when you meet with the guys from Bear. I set you up with a face to face. Awesome. Where is that? Holy shit. Five years ago, Securitization was a loser convention. , maybe people would show. $ billion a year later, you get this. PORTER: There’s a lot of smug Perfect Teddy Bear Picnic War