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absolutely, we can make it $ million. LUCY: We’ll be in touch, send some paperwork over. DEEB: Um… (SIGHING) I like these cups. (STUTTERING) Can I take one for my son? LUCY: Have… Yes. Yes. Thank you. LUCY: Have two. (INAUDIBLE) (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYING) Is there any way to do $ million? I mean, we can. But are you sure? Absolutely. Absolutely, we can do that. We do different projects. We do gardening. The bonds I’d like to bet against. It’s not bad seeing yourself on the big screen. It’s very cool. I ordered the ounce T bone, which was choice. I went for volume… WOMAN: Yeah. …rather than prime. I went for subprime, and the gist was… (HORN HONKING) MAN: Can I have like, lettuce, tomato, no onions? WOMAN: So, no onions. Lettuce, tomato, Thousand Island okay? MAN: Yeah. (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Hey, Randall! What’s with the Dom? Bonuses aren’t for three months. We just sold $ million in credit swaps for mortgage bonds. Some fund manager from California. It’s ing crazy, right? A whole new way to make money, Doug. Wait, wait. I didn’t know there were swaps on mortgages. (LAUGHS) There are now. We made it for him. He must have gone off his Zoloft or something. I don’t know. (CHUCKLES) Want to join? No? Just a second. Oh… DOUG: Hey, Jared. Did you hear about the deal that Randall just did with some fund manager? JARED: Randall? Bullshit. He’s a foot soldier. I’m sure it’s a shit deal. No, it’s for real. I told you we’d meet later. Unfortunately, it’s in a place like this which I would never be. I never hung out with these idiots after work, ever. I had fashion friends. Apparently, this guy wanted $ mil in credit default swaps. Randall made the sale. Can you believe it? Somebody shorted $ mil on mortgage bonds? That was just with Deutsche. Word is he hit half the town. How much in total? $. billion. LAWRENCE: What? That’s pretty much all of Scion’s liquidity. Michael, this is highly distressing. Lawrence, that is not all of our liquidity. And I’m not certain that you