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You got to look at that pussycat and you’ve got to say, “That’s not a pussycat, that’s a communist.” And you’ve got to destroy it! Where do we make the communists go? Jail! Where do we make the Workers’ League go? Jail to all! l feel like l neverwant to go home again. Swear. That you’ll never become a fat, vulgar landowner. Swear. Swear! l swear. l swear. And swear that you’ll love me forever and marry me never. Swear! Swear! l swear l’ll marry you forever! Never! Give me your hand. My hand? Never! Oh, you’re such a liar! Quiet, ifyou please! What’s going on? Ottavio? This is very delicate work l’m doing. What are you doing? l’m taking some artistic photographs. Who are you? Why are you standing there? Us? Oh, we’re babes in the woods. Oh, yes, with empty stomachs, signora. And now that you’ve discovered my secret love for, uh, photography? Well, l think we know how to keep a secret. Who told you? Mr. Ritterjust came in by train from Florence. He said that’s all they were talking about. Not only that, but he saw them with his own eyes. Carabinieri and the Royal Guard, swarming all over the place. Lines with fixed bayonets all along the way. The march on Rome. You think so? The go-ahead sign will come when you least expect it. And Rome, the whole south will give way. Mussolini is a sculptor ofwords. With every speech game He’s an artist. He just knows one sentence. What’s the spiritual question? He’s a master, a master. To spirituality. Salute. Are you going to leave me alone? Don’t go without me. After all. So, he told him. Loud. Right to his face. Either the police chief here in Naples minds his own business or we game That’s the only way. He’s always interfering. Too controversial. Too controversial. Castor oil in the morning game The only way to handle him is to be firm. lt’s time we became firm. We’ve been too lenient with them. At the Chamber of Commerce no one knows anything. They never have. They never have and they neverwill. But it’s a political maneuver, isn’t it? The Chamber of Commerce game The Chamber of Commerce!