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Peter Bell Saves Xmas we’ll leave sir, please listen to me sir we were going for rounds near the smitha bungalow side It looked to us like someone was inside We came in to find an intruder sir no sir he looks like… he’s wearing a hotel uniform sir he;s talking like a crazy person sir No sir nthing like that sir should you send a vehicle immediately, we’ll bring him to the station sir sir,first we’ll leave this place sir,we’ll leave sir check if he’s got any weapons on him Get up why are you checking me sir? it is on my intimation that you came right? did you hear that sir? it seems we came on his intimation me in the sense not me sir. Anu sir.she must have told if you keep blabbering shit? sit Sit down there’s nothing sir where’s anu sir? huh? who? Peter Bell Saves Xmas sir she must’ve been the one to inform you sir Nobody like that came sir please allow me to make just one call from your phone sir? sir please sir, gimme your phone sir sir, tell one thing alone sir how come you came here without anu telling you? you want to know how we came eh? how did you come into a house that was sealed by the police? sealed by the police? sir, there were people in this house sir am not a madman sir i wont runaway anywhere Peter Bell Saves Xmas please sir, listen to what I have to say sir,please? tell i came to deliver Game sir a lady came and got it sir she asked me to keep it inside and went upstairs to get cash sir After sometime there was a loud noise sir i went upstairs to check it out sir there, someone had killed her Peter Bell Saves Xmas where? upstairs sir i saw it sir i saw it sir come with me sir,come sir go with him come along sir what is this sir? Dont you know? he’s showing the murder locations exactly sir He’s speaking like he witnessed the murders sir he’s no crazy person accused i guess search the entire house once properly ok sir what happened in this house sir? tell sir one week back  mpeople were killed here the entire town is speaking about this case only didnt you know it? investigation is going on the evidences are all in there how the hell did you come in? sir am speaking the truth sir i came to deliver.