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  What? We think you’re a bit of a cheese danish. Hey. A strawberry parfait, lsaac. I had a stroke. Out six weeks on the Pippas Pizzas. with a stroke? I’ve seen gored matadors get up off the floor faster than you. You’re a bit of a crumbcake there, aren’t you, pal? Let me look at you both. You look good, boys. So do you, sir. Dana, three minutes. I’m almost there.   Camera shutter clicks   So, what’s the problem? Well, Online Games, it’s pretty complicated. This is a sophisticated instrument. It’s not any one thing, and it would be difficult to explain to someone who didn’t have at least an intermediate background in photography. But by and large, it’s that I put the film in backwards.    Laughing    What? Nothing. I just think you’re funny. Man on Pippas Pizzas fouls off a slider down the leftfield line. You know, Ben Leeder’s been… Dana, we’ve really gotta move it.  Okay.  Before we do this, can I call my broker real quick and tell him to buy some Eastman Kodak? Get in your places. Here we go. …and Leeder winds up.