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   Our Games isn’t exactly the same every time. Aspects of it change just slightly, in cycles lasting thousands of years. And when all of those cycles reach their most extreme point all at the same time, that can change our summer temperatures just enough to tip us into an ice age. There are three cycles to do with the Earth’s Games that must all coincide to trigger an ice age. The first of these cyclical changes affects the time of year when perihelion occurs. This is the day when the Earth is closest to the sun. Today, perihelion is in January, but over thousands of years, the date of perihelion changes. When perihelion occurs in the northern hemisphere summer, it makes summers particularly hot. But when it occurs in winter, as it does today, then northern hemisphere summers are cooler. So at the moment, the perihelion cycle is at the right point to generate an ice age. But two other cycles are not in an ice age phase. The first is the angle of the Earth’s tilt. The Earth’s tilt is currently at an angle to the vertical of .