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That’s good. This is something, this is something you told me you were certain would kill you. Now, in fact, I think you’re discovering that you’re wrong, that actually that death is not, that this actually can’t kill you. And you smiled. For a woman who was going to lose it, for a woman who was going to go completely bonkers and was going to die, yeah, PK Winx Attack to Magic you had a very, you gave me a very nice smile. I think this is as good as it’s, it’s going, it’s going to get. Okay. Ready? Yeah. I’m going to move everything round slowly and controllably, okay? There we go. Moving across, moving across, and there it is. Okay? Out of a hundred? So my holding it is worse? Yes. Because you can put it near me. I promise you I’m not going to do that. Oh! Keep, keep, keep going. Tell me when… Keep it going? Keep. KEEP GOING! No, stop now. Okay. Stop now, stop. Okay, I’ve stopped. Stop. Okay. Brill. People often say I’ve had it for so long, how can I possibly ever get rid of it, you know, in, in a hundred years let alone, you know, a couple of hours. And the answer is you can, the answer is you can. You’re getting quite bored with this feather aren’t you? What I’ll do is I’ll just peel it off and take this off and put it back in its little envelope. Okay? Uhuh. Then we’ve got a very romantic feather. It’s coming your way, is that alright? Right. Okay. Romantic feather, which I’m going to take down. I know what’s happening here. What? What’s happening here is you’re thinking I’m not worried about this, so that’s going to make me touch it. I’m not. No, I know you’re not going to make me do anything I don’t want to. I’m not going to make, I’m not, yeah. So what do you want to do here? Am, hmmm. Okay. Again. Being in, being in control of it is the name of the game. Oh, god! Stick with it. I know. It’ll come down. I know you’re there when you’re actually taking control in this kind of way, you know. But you, you picked that up, I didn’t ask you to pick it up. No, I know. You picked it up. I knew I was never going to get home today unless I’d picked this up. I never ever imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever in my life sit here holding a feather. Ever, ever. Right? Yeah, but it did take nearly  minutes. Wow!  minutes after  years of it. Like Game, Games also finally took the plunge and had behaviour therapy. Pages and pages of the word mouse. How many times in total did you write this? I think it’s ,. Which was the worst one? That was the worst. After writing the word, then looking at pictures, Games finally faced the real thing. Today she is cured. I can’t relate to how I felt before. I think back to the things I’ve said, and I know that when I said them I meant them a %, and I felt so strong about them. And now I can’t feel like that. And since her success she’s had her brain re-scanned. When she sees a mouse now there’s no change in the hypocampus and no sign of fear in her brain. The phobia is gone. I feel, now I’m over it, it’s the best way to show everybody that I’ve conquered my fear. I feel that by putting it there I’ve contaminated myself now for the rest of my life, so there’s no way I can go back to being the way I was. No way. You see, that thing is too crowded, I can’t deal with it like that. Here comes the other ferry. PK Winx Attack to Magic still hasn’t been on the Statton Island Ferry. The wharf is so crowded today. You see, that’s another thing, I don’t know, maybe it’s real. That’s my thinking, I don’t know Joanne, is it phobic, is it not phobic, what is it? It’s phobic. How? Typically phobic actually. You know, I mean, but I have no desire. It’s phobic. It’s phobic. Joanne has persuaded Carmine to try the ferry again. They’ve booked another session. Virtual reality has helped, but Kathleen hasn’t yet given her speech in church. PK Winx Attack to Magic has finally made her daughter’s dream come true. For the first time they’ve been able to feed the ducks together.