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We figure he’s laired Game up in the jungle somewhere since our satellites can’t pinpoint him. Our only lead is this prizewinner, a working girl, goes by the name of Cereza. Find her, find Mendez. Where can I find her? In Acapulco. Her information, including the address to her brothel, is in this dossier. Uh, uh, uh. First, I’m gonna need something from you. See, even here, people talk about Machete. The man. The myth. The legend. I just wanna know the legend inside and out. I just lost someone. Why don’t you let me turn that frown upside down, Papi? How long since you’ve been back? Since before the wall went up. A lot has changed since then. It’s a run and gun free Game for Game all out there. Acapulco is a war zone, and we’re dropping you right in the middle of it. Here. It’s a direct line to yours truly. You get into a pinch, you just press pound to phone home. It’s good for calls, texts, tweets. Machete don’t tweet. You do now. You ready for this? Good luck on that pageant. I’m gonna need a lot more than luck! Did you see the ass on Miss Corpus Christi? All right. For all of you new girls, it’s peso Game pussy Tuesday. So keep your panties dropped, your legs spread, and your snatch well Game oiled, ’cause you’re not walking any straight lines tomorrow. As you know, every jerk Game off low Game life from this side of Rio Grande is gonna pile through that door as soon as the sun comes down, so get them off and get them out. And, ladies, every stiff pecker in my parlor pays to play. No freebies. Those are house rules. Doors open in five minutes. You’re early, handsome. But then again, the early bird gets the fresh egg. I’m looking for a girl. And I’m looking at a man that came to the right place. Pick your poison. This is the one I want. Why this one? Best in Mexico. Have a seat on the couch, lover boy. I’ll go fetch her for you. Where’s the girl? Upstairs. Room six. But don’t go. You’ll miss the peepshow. I blew my wad, lover boy. Get him! Who the are you? Machete. I’ve heard Mendez speak of you.