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There’s no need for bloodshed. Wait. First… we drink. It will clear the long journey from your throats. In all the years of loyal service… I’m sure you have never been… Trust me, I know my whiskey. General Long was right… just follow you. You’re pathetic. That’s not nice! I’m not wasting good whiskey on you. So rude! For that, you don’t get a drink. Just give us the girl. We’ll forget that you disappeared. Give her to you? You know… these last nine years… everytime I fell down… it is the thought of this woman… that gave me the strength to get back up. And you think you can come in here, and I would hand her over to you? We will kill you where you stand. Killing has gotten so easy for us, hasn’t it? Commander the orders came from General Long. All deserters must be executed. Dao! You have to do something. He’s my only brother! Don’t let her come in here! Damn you! Commander! What are you doing? Have you sold your soul? He’s one of us! Long! He killed himself. He cut his own throat. Long“ Hung! Hung! Hung! He’s not here. The fire started on the second floor. Not in the kitchen… it started upstairs. It started in Hung’s room. What are you trying to say? Why would he do this? Hien… Don’t ever say my name! From this point on, You’ve ruined everything! You and your son! You and your son. Leave! Just go! That’s right. Go away from me. All of you. Go! I’m just a baker. Don’t come near me! Get outta here! I’m just a baker. Just a baker…! Everyone in town knows I’m just a baker! Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me? Because I love you. Because I love you. Hung. It’s okay, Van. Come in. Why didn’t you tell me? About what? Hung. Why didn’t you tell me that he is my son. We can talk about it later. There’s no time. Long. What about Long? Long is here. You must go. No… I don’t want to run anymore. You’re not the same woman nine years ago. He will kill you. Run! Listen carefully. No matter what happens… …stay with Master Dao. Do you understand? Yeah. Give mommy a hug. I love you so much.