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Pokemon Fortress War Franklyn, put her on the waggon too. Tell her not to have nothing to be afraid of as long as she does as she is told. She might believe you more if you gave her something to eat. You! You opened this last night, huh? The fuse is gone. What did you do with it? Lower the gun, senor. What did you do with it? It is there. La Reata ! The lariot! Si. Vieda. I wove it during the night thinking of hiding it for you better that way When a man sets out oin what may be he last ride, he should go with people he could trust. I’ll take the gun me and Lassiter. No gun for you. You mount up. Well the reasons for staying with this detail are getting less and less. Just try leaving it Whoo Captain. You wouldn’t shoot an unarmed man? You try me. I’ll see how deep it is. The water would build on top of the waggon before we get to the middle. I know. The Major and I told you so, heh?. Si and the water is low as here for miles. We will move on to Presidio. But capitane. You can’t just take the waggon across, can you? How? There is a ferry in Presidio isn’t there? Yes sir, Captain. There you are, Captain. There is your ferry. Now all you gotta do is to ride down Games Game tell those Texas Rangers that you have a waggon full of gunpowder Game Game that you want to get to the other side so you can trade with the Apaches. Bueno tardes, senorita. Bueno tardes You got any other bright ideas? You know I have, but you know something Games I can’t remember one of them without my rifle. Franklyn, let me have Lassiter’s rifle. First thing we do Games is to see what we can find out about Pardee. You, and him and me. We’ll ride up there get us a drink and look around. And leave him with the waggon? Yes sir. And he’ll need a rifle too. Franklyn stays with the waggon. Now what is Franklyn gonna do with the waggon when he gets it across? If he gets it across. Do you know where the Split Mountain is next to the swamp? No Well Captain. Rodriguez does. How do I know that we won’t desert us? Capitane, what are you saying? Rodriguez is my man. He wouldn’t desert me Si, amigo !