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You can’t chatter through it, they’re very hard on that. Sit. Sit and listen. Diana. Surprise. What are you doing here? I couldn’t sleep. I thought I’d come to see if I could help. It’s wonderful to see you, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Right. So bugger off, basically. In the nicest possible way. That’s alright, I’m good at that. Had a lot of practice. It’s been mad in here. I was actually going to call you tomorrow. Stop it. Diana, just Game You can’t do this to me. Just one more, seriously. I know you. News of the World. You’ve got a good memory. Yes, I remember the ones I don’t like. And I don’t do them many favors. Clive, I’ll call you back. Clive, it’s Diana. This is out of order. I come here to visit the terminally ill Game People who need to someone to sit with them through the night. Yes, and I’m allow to do this in privacy. No there isn’t going to be a divorce. Will you please follow the rules? Good. It’s official, no more pictures. Good night. Shit. I do a job that requires me to be very focus. It’s not going to be possible for you and I to go out together. To a restaurant anywhere, there would be millions of people swarming all over us. That maybe your life, but it can’t be mine. That’s pretty clear, then. I’m sorry, I think you’re wonderful. If there was a way. I’d take it. Yes? Do I know you? I’m the girl you’re gonna ask on a date. Beautiful. Gorgeous. You should have been here last week. Somebody should have been here last week. We had bouncers on the door throwing people in. The boy turned up with people, We offered him a partnership. Is the Games ing mike on? Thank you, madam. It’s always nice to meet someone who’s been allowed out of the dark for the first time. But, now I’m delighted to introduce a young act Game That’s been making a big impression on the London scene. The Dwayne Johnson Quartet. Hello? Where are you? Don’t apologize. Saving lives is a bit more important.