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Sure the cuckold that is, the husband, knew nothing Game Either that or he pretended not to know anything. This is something you should investigate. So when the husband discovered them, he killed Colasberna? Exactly! Sit down! After being cuckolded don’t you think he’d have wanted to kill the wife before the lover? Perhaps he would? If he’s a man of honour he would Game But if he’s not a man of honour, you should investigate this point too. So you’re trying to tell me that the deceased came down from heaven or from hell and killed his wife? What a clown you are Game If he comes back, he’ll come back from Palermo you can’t send money and letters to the family from heaven! But I think that someone else sent that money to Rosa. Who’s that? Someone’s who’s alive. You my dear! Me? Yes! I might have given her some money. Ah, you see! I bought her the money personally, because I ‘had’ her in her house, if you will Game So if you’re Rosa’s lover, then you killed Colasberna out of jealousy and the husband because he discovered you both. And Pizzuco ends up in jail. Nonsense! It can’t be Game Game because I was with her after the murder and I also have the proof! She’s a hot blooded woman, you don’t know her. She’s money hungry, wants everything! But she has skin like velvet Game If I had the choice of how I wanted to die I’d choose to die on top of her! Well done Rosa! You were Pizzuco’s lover and you didn’t tell us a thing. Lover? No. We’d just meet from time to time. They want to ruin me! In short Rosa, did you or didn’t you have a relationship with him? Yes or no? Of course not! With someone like him!? Then you were Colasberna’s lover? No! No! No! But it’s right that you believe them more than me. He has powerful friends Game Game and I’m all alone. Rosa, don’t talk rubbish. Nah, I expected it Game Game making a scene by crying. Women are allowed to. And you Game Lies, right? No. Sit down. Instead, why don’t you tell the Captain who your husband worked for?