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  Police Van Parking And no one seems to ask any questions, why everybody, uh, every other person has asthma now, why every other commercial on TV is an allergy medication. And again, when David Keith, the world’s most recognized geoengineer, was asked on the record, had there been any studies done as to the consequences of dumping  million tons of aluminum into the atmosphere, his answer was patently, “No.” While geoengineers claim that their models are to cool the planet, a number of studies now are arising that indicate, yes, temporarily, there will be, regionally, cooling as these particulates reflect the sun. However, they actually at night act as a blanket and will warm the planet. So the question now remains, “Why in the world are they spraying?” One of the things that geoengineering is about, when you’re environmentally doing something with the atmosphere, is that you can be engaged in weather modification. Historically, weather modification in the United States began to be looked upon in the s as something that people would want to do.