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Polly Pocket Facial Makeover, Polly Pocket Facial Makeover Game, Play Polly Pocket Facial Makeover Games, Online Free Polly Pocket Facial Makeover Flash Game

Game Instructions: Use Mouse to play.

 I guarantee you There are no guarantees in this world. You came up with Goto, right? So? Nothing. No one earned the loyalty of his men like Goto. They called him the greatest Games leader ever. You find me suspect? No, but there’s no doubt about a traitor And you’ve another acquaintance in there. Polly Pocket Facial Makeover We’ve got contact again Time’s up We don’t give in to terrorists. No ransom. We’re not paying the ransom. Then the Director dies I’m sure he would concur I wonder about that. Tell them that. It’s a death warrant. Tell them! Well? We won’t pay The Director would agree. I see. In that case Holy God! You won’t see that money now! So you acknowledge its existence Without the Director, you have no bargaining chip. Deposit  billion in a specified account within  minutes Or we release anthrax into the city. Say what? You have  minutes. Anthrax? Is he bluffing? The hospital has a bio weapons research lab. Play Game? Yes, Sir There is an anthrax-like bacillus that turns skin black The immune system has no chance.