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 But there I was, heading north the fear of losing Popeye Snow Ride more terrifying than the fear of any bullet. The communists attacked four days ago. We pushed them back only yesterday. We think there is  in this village. But you will not see them. It’s getting worse, isn’t it? How long can you keep going? A few months, maybe. My men are counting bullets. No, no! Don’t shoot! What the hell are you doing here? They wouldn’t let my truck out of Popeye Snow Ride so I figured I’d see what was going on for myself. You’re lucky to get here alive. It wasn’t that hard after I hired a boat. It wasn’t expensive. In the end I just bought it. You are mad. I’m mad? Yes. Have you ever seen anyone with trachoma? Yes, I suppose I have. It’s not that easy to remain uninvolved. This way. “Not that easy to remain uninvolved.” I had hidden for so long behind a typewriter. What we found there what we saw, in Phat Diem. What did that do? To his zeal, to my detachment? The dead are not involved. The dead have no zeal. They are lying in wait. You see them, all their tenderness and then they haunt you. Communists? This is not the work of French soldiers. It doesn’t make sense. The communists don’t kill townspeople. It is not in their interest. Maybe another faction. There are so many of them. Each with their own army. What’s that book you’re always reading? York Harding. The Dangers To Democracy. An American? Yeah. He was out here a couple of years back. Was he here long? I don’t know. I heard him lecture once. Joe actually met him. He put forward the idea of a third force to run Vietnam. Not the communists and not the French. Not the Americans? No. We’re not colonialists. Something that could really help these people. You have a gun, either of you? No. They shall attack again tonight. You don’t want to be taken alive. Believe me. Shoot yourselves. Thank you. Thanks. Stay inside that bunker. Do you want something to eat? No, thank you. Come on. You didn’t come up to check your medical team. Popeye Snow Ride sent you, right? A little intelligence work. I’ve never have been very good at keeping secrets.