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Pou Girl Fun Rejuvenation and asks “Now what?” and Nunzio replies: “There’s no such a thing as the end. Let’s wait, something has to happen game I want to shoot this movie as soon as I can. I’m going game Bye. Goodnight. Jack Palance, can I drive it? You don’t even have the license for it. Were have ya been? Far away. Come. That’s beautiful. Did you steal it? No, a friend of mine gave it to me, he bought it in America. How’s it going tonight? I can’t complain. Are you hungry? Sure! Good evening professor. Good evening. Ah thanks. Giuseppina, the professor is here. Good evening, Professor. Good evening. Evening. What would you like to eat? What would you like? He will have some spaghetti and some chicken breast.. And as for me game I’ve already eaten. What can I take you to drink? A beer for me. Nothing for me, thanks. And now game Are you working? I work at the body shop, now and then. Really? Do you like it? Well game it’s a pain in the ass, scratchin’ all day. You’re welcome. But game Do you like cars? Sure. What about mine? A bit, yes. I can let you drive it. I already have one but the start engine is broken, and I’m broke. Do you have a girlfriend? Yes. What do you do with her? Do you like going dancing? Sure, she likes going going dancing I do too. But it’s too expensive. You don’t need money to dance. You always need money. But it’s not like game you get in trouble, is it? What do you mean? With game the police. the police they’re heads. Last time they arrested me because of some bullshit Enjoy It’s good, isn’t it? Good evening. See you soon, professor. Why don’t we go to the seaside? Yes but how long does it take? I’ve got things to do. Don’t worry, it’s totally worth it. Aha! What the are you doing? Look at that sexy car, faggot, it’s yours? What the do these two faggots think they’re doing showing their asses? What do you think? Let me tell you what these two faggots are doing. Take out the money, cunt. Go to the car! Get this faggot up game You er game Get him up game You suck so much, Imma break your , er game You