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Stop! Sweet, dreamy Sarah. You’ve stolen my heart. Oh, what have we here? Oh, I hope I got your size. And you thought iron maiden was a heavy metal band. I am so glad that you have finally remembered everything because, you know, with… without memory, there can be no retribution. Open up! . Ah. Lovely. No. Now, are we finally ready? Can we shoot this thing? Lights. Camera. Toby. Action. No. No, Toby. Help me, please! Please help! He’s gonna kill me. This isn’t a joke! Help me! He’s not kidding. Yes, yes, yes. I was gonna kill the wench. Please, this is real! But not, dear friends… This isn’t a joke! Please! Without the approval… This isn’t a joke! …and the approbation of you, my audience. My heart, my soul… No! My sustenance. So, so, shall we kill her? Or, or shall we spare this maiden? Toby, please stop! Show mercy to the tender virgin? Please, Toby, no! No! No? No? No! He’s going to kill me! Yes! Yes! All right, then. Then the fatal stroke shall fall exactly at the stroke of midnight. Shall we count it down together? Thirty seconds to go. Are you ready? All right! Thirty, , , , , No! , , , , , , Don’t! Maggie! , , , , Mark! ,,, , , , nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, Ah! Three, two, one! No! No, you’re ruining it! You’ll ruin it! No! No! You’re ruining it! No! …and that’s all I know. It’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll see you in a little while, okay? Okay. I was a pretty lame hero, I guess. No, you were great. God, you looked just like Indiana Jones coming down that wire. More like George of the Jungle. Did you hear me? Another movie. Everything is a movie to me. Yeah, well, let’s… Let’s make the next one a comedy, okay? Would you hold me? You told me to guard this door, not that one. Mule face… …best you scram, understand? Uh, careful Huy. He’s taller than you. You dimwit! Look around, everyone is taller than me! And you, I don’t care who you are… Cause I’m not afraid of anyone. Master… maybe it’s best you come back another time. Damn you… Alright, alright! I’ll meet your boss tomorrow. But we do it here.