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Well EXHALES In that case, son you just hit ’em with all you got. Or run. Hey, no shame in either. Just like you did with Charlie, before you threw that key. LEVI LAUGHS Yeah, something like that. CHUCKLES Danny I’m sorry I put you through all this. It’s okay. POLICE RADIO CHATTERS You remind me of him. I always liked your pop. Your mom, too. Very special woman, your mom. I think about her sometimes. When I was young, I remember thinkin’ I was gonna grow old with these people. Jesus. Now, here I am, about to retire, and I feel like like it’s different life. It’s tragic what happened that day. I couldn’t believe when I came around that bend and saw him at the bottom of that ravine. I scrambled down the cliff as fast as I could. I thought you heard him fall. His yell? That’s what it said in the paper, that’s what Dottie told me. Good memory. I guess you’re right. It’s been a long time since I thought about that day. All I’m tryin’ to say is, you were Yeah, you were just lucky to have really good parents. Yeah, well, I just wish I’d gotten to know him as well as you had. What are you waitin’ for? Geez. Where is she with that firewood? You know, I also brought some of this. Who doesn’t love those little marshmallows? LAUGHS WILL: Levi! MUSIC PLAYING It’s Will Beeman! Come on. It’s all here! You come alone? Yeah. You got the money? I got your money. You got my son? Should we let him in? Yeah! SOBBING I’m comin’ in. That full? It’s all here. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, kiddo. Are you okay? He didn’t hurt you, did he? No, no, no. He he’s not the real robber, Dad. Well, he is, but I know. You got the money? Possibly. Are we good? Can we go? Levi. Any chance I can get my rifle back? Kinda special to me. Come on, let’s go. Good luck, Danny. Good luck, Levi. GUNSHOT Who is that? Who is that? I tried. Okay, you tried? I tried to come alone Who is that? It’s Howell. You brought Howell? Look, I tried, all right? He’s behind the robbery. Here, Danny, you just stay back there. The mastermind of the whole goddamn thing. What? I told you not to bring any cops! God damn you, city boy.