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He would’ve shown them. Once l heard him calling me late at night from inside a well. Alfredo! Let’s both of us run away. Alfredo! And l heard him once in an old squash calling out to me. Olmo! Alfredo. And in a dark cellar,from inside the bottle, l heard him call. Olmo! Alfredo. Olmo. Hey, let’s see you fly, cuckoo birds. No, don’t, you’re going to make me fall. Red, but not ripe. Your daughter? Your daughter’s marrying Mario, the cripple, in August, eh? What do you think? What’s the problem? Go and dance, eh. Hey. Hey, you, driver. Come back here. Come back. Don’t leave that horse standing there untied. Come back. You son of a game l don’t have the breath to give a simple order anymore. God damn it! Listen. Beautiful music. Young people dancing, embracing. Before the day’s out, they’ll be fucking. Anyway, this is no place for old men. Ooh, it’s a hot day, eh, Signor Padrone? Who are you? Sir, it’s Erma. l’m the youngest daughter ofAdelina. l’m not used to wearing shoes, and my stupid feet swelled up. But they’re pretty, aren’t they? They’re a present. The padrona, she said they’re Regina’s. Erma, come. Erma. Signor Padrone? Don’t be frightened. Don’t be frightened. Don’t be frightened. Take it. You squeezed me, so l got scared. Milk her. But the cows aren’t mooing yet. Can’t you see how full she is? Milk her. Squish, squash. Cows full of milk and . Acurse. Acurse we carry with us. lt grows worse with age. You know what the worst curse in the world is? Hailstorms. Not hailstorms. That’s no curse. Milk and in the brain. War and disease, they’re no curse, either. Squish, squash. The curse is when you can’t do it. Milk and . Can’t do it. lt won’t get hard. See? Put your hand inside. Hey, SignorAlfredo, nobody can milk a bull. Go. Go back to the dance. Can l really go? Uh-huh. Go. Go. Erma. When the dancing is over, tell them l’m dead. Yes, signor. Remember, l’m dead. Yes. The padrone, my God. The padrone is dead. The padrone told me to say he’s dead. l was supposed to. You think it could be true? Mmm, uh game