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Pregnant Angela Cute Baby Shower 2 One of them was a years old fascist. And to have justice they killed someone who had nothing to do with it. Rome it’s done for, my friend. You should leave it and go live in another country. And what should I do in another country? I can only cook spaghetti. You can’t even imagine how many would die to eat your food in France or in Germany. No shit game with the disgusting food they have! Pierpa’ tonight I made your stake with a little bit of salad on the side. Good game but I’ll be waiting for Ninetto. No problem. Dear Eduardo I’ll write down, at last, the movie I’ve been talking to you about for so many years. Oh you don’t have time to go to sleep in the evening that is already o’clock in the morning! Epifénio! I’ll entrust Epifanio to you entirely: because I feel like it, because I want to. Come here! Let’s make it this way. Epifanio it’s you. It’s the “you” from the dream, apparently idealized, but actually real. Carolina, you know that coffee makes you nervous! I hope, with all my heart, that you will like the movie, and that you will accept to do it: but overall I hope that you’ll help me and give me the strength to face such a burden. You’re drinking it right on my face!? Look, let’s do something nice. Now I go and grab something to eat, then I come back, and we make a good coffee, and we share it. a little bit ofr you and a little bit for me. Alright? Hurry up though! Fine! Move it Epifé! Nunzio! Kid! I’ve just hired you and I’ve to fire you already? Come on! C’mon! Up! On your feet! Move it Epifé! Don’t worry, Carolina! Everything is fine! Yeah, everything is fine game I’m grabbing something to eat! Move it! On my way! Can we have some coffee? No, let’s go and buy something. I want my coffee! The Messiah is born! The Messiah is born! Sorry, I’m just game Ok, no problem Epifanio, the Messiah is born! They all said it at the market! The Messiah is born! The Messiah is born! Who told you? What do you mean by “who told me”? Everybody did! The Messiah is born! The Messiah is born! But you believe to everything they tell you